25. April 2018
From Japan to Mexiko, my adventure 12 days on a container boat. To read more, klick...
13. März 2018
A week in a village 100 km north of the arctic circle. In this article I wrote about the live in this "oasis" in the middle of the taiga and how my trip went on.
10. März 2018
Second part of my adventure by hitchhiking towards the north polar sea
10. März 2018
In this post, the first part of the winterroad from Ust Nera to Sasyr. Cklick to read more.
03. März 2018
This post is the first part of my adventure towards the north polar see in Jakutia. Due to lack of any public transport in Jakutia, I hitchhiked all the way, at down to -49°C! This first part is about my trip to the coldest village in Earth, Oimjakon. Klick to read more...
03. Februar 2018
In this episode, travel gets extreme. Together with my best friend Steffi I will discover the north of Sibiria, travel eastwards trough Russia far north of the famous transsibirian railway: Hitchhiking at minus 30°C, couchsurfing in middle of the tundra on local deer farmer nomads chum tent and moving foreward with hunderts of deers.
27. Januar 2018
Meanwhile I arrived in Severobaikals at the biggest lake of the world!
22. Januar 2018
A foggy morning in Krasnojarsk. It's the first day that temperatures go below -40°C! I'm excited to go out to the streets, test my cloths and see how it feels like to be exposed to this low temperature! However, at that time, I would never have guessed that my day will end by climbing the first Stolby! Another adventure "Sibiria Extreme" :-)
12. Januar 2018
It's for sure one of the strongest, most amazing and intense experiences I've ever had. A trip, 200 years back in time. "Couchsurfing" in middle of the tundra, at local deer nomades chum tent. An experience in extreme temperatures and remote landscapes. Raw deer meet as standard food, shifted norms and a Swiss stomach, which is to week for this hardcore food...
27. Dezember 2017
Hitchhiking in Sibiria, preparing for a week in tundra and visiting of nomades living in Chums... At temperatures of probably below -30°C

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