Lake baikal

Lake Baikal: The biggest lake in the world: 670 km long, 80 km thick and 1'640 m deep! One of the last allmost untuched places! Very few settlements are built arround the lake, no road is leading arround the lake. It's a lake allmost completely in nature. The water is so pure that you can drink it. No industry arround the lake, no human made poisons flowing inside. There are animals and fishes swimming in this lake which doesn't exist anywhere else in the world! And this anymals are not even on the red list, becouse it's one of the last places, in which the ecosystem is still working well! And one of the most amazing things: The lake is able to clean himself! Spezial bacterys, plants and animals at the sea ground can even eat and destroy oil! And thats importent, becouse every day there is oil flowing in the lake. Not human made, but just out of the ground of the lake. There are oil feelds below the lake, and they are leaking. But naturally and not human made...

In Severobaikals you can also go skiing. Sure that I wanted to try that. When I bought the ticket, they asked me whether I'm a good skier and warned me: "our slope is really extreme". I loughed and told: "Sure, I'm Swiss, we all know skeeing". But it was actually quite a smal adventure. The lift was quite a historical model :-) The stirrup was not fixed on the lift, you had to carry it with you and each time by yourself put on the running cable and on top take off... The slope was then not really a slope, but just a space in the wood where you could drive down, through the nature. They didn't prepare it with machines, so it was more like Ski Touring, but with skies for slopes and not really good modells. The sloap was like a red sloap in Switzerland and partwise even plack. With the skis I got really a bit challanging, but for Swiss people not that much a problem. However for Russians I understand that its "extreme" :-)

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    Abhilash (Samstag, 10 März 2018 08:01)

    i am following all your posts. Simple and well written