Bejound locals at Isle of Lewis - Hitchhiking and Couchsurfing

Isle of Lewis - a real paradise for the landscape and for hitchhiking! Such a peaceful and save place that to be a policeman is the most boring job you can have. No one closes the doors by key, the keys are left in the open car and almost all locals stop when you hitchhike! Even in the dark at night! Whilst farming is still prominent there, money is mainly made by tourism. Some tourists come for the beautiful landscape, and others, prominent people with a lot of money, spent thousands of dollars for the luxury sport of fly fishing. Fly fishing is a technique where you put a fly on a robe and when you swing it through the air the salmon jamp out of the water and eat the fly. The Grimersta fly fishing estate, where I could Couchsurf, is maybe the most prominent and at the same time most expensive one amongst whole Great Britain! A week of fly fishing costs 4'000 Dollars! And you can not even keep the sammon, as all salmon is released after fishing back to the river.
Almost all the Land on the island is public, no-one can own it at sheaperts can let their sheep's walk around where ever they want. However the there are some big teritorys which are privately owned by different fly fishing estate's. But as they can't own the land or the rivers, they actually just own the fishes in the river! So no one is allowed to fish there exept if you book anow expensive trip through the Estate.
The lots of contacts with all the friendly locals I had by hitchhiking or Couchsurfing allowed me quite a deep look inside the Isles live, which was quite an amazing an interesting adventure !

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