Scottland landscapes and trecking

While the video about Scotland is still on work, allready some pictures about this beautiful country. I recently did a 3 day trecking on Skye. This was an amazing experience. I was actually planing a 2 day trecking, but got stuck in the mountains due to bad trail conditions! The second day it was heavily raining the whole afternoon. The hiking trail became a river and I was walking in 20 cm of water for over an hour. There were dozens of river crossings to do and they had sometimes so much water and current that I had to make long detours to cross at a place with less current. When night fell I was in middle of wilderness (the whole day I saw only 1 other hiker). It was quite a challenge to find a spot for my tent! Wind peaks were at about 80 km/h, sometimes it was hard to keep on feets. The heavy rain was hurting in the face becouse of the wind. It took me half an hour to find a spot behind a small hill to set up the tent a little protected from the wind. In the grass on 5 cm of water. And I was wet to the bones! But it was quite an experience and the landscape was really stunning and untuched... And thanks to my replacement clothes the night was quite ok. And the tent did quite a great job! Despite heavy wind and rain the whole night there wasn't too much water in the tent in the morning, even everything was a little wet.

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