French millitary helps me to get a free ride from France to England

Good news: I started traveling a view days ago!
No, I'm not in Italy! In very last moment the travel routh changed to the north (check for my live travel routh).

I'm in Dublin now and allready had the first adventures: I have an interrail pass for a month, but in Paris I couldn't take the Eurostar to London. So I took an other train to Colin to take the Ferry from France to Great Britain. To avoid to pay 30 Euros for the ferry I started hitchhiking at the army checkpoint at the Colin to Dover ferry terminal. Some heavy weapenad french solider where checking the cars there and they where really nice! When they stopped a car, they even asked the drivers for me weather they can take someone! So it came that after a few minutes I crossed the ocean in a mercedes benz sport car! After a short night in a hostel in London I'm now in Dublin.

Horse riding at an irish beach and hiking in irish mountains was last weekend. Now I'm preparing for my first presentation abroad about my round the world trip, at university collage dublin on wednesday...

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    Sean from Lidl belfast (Samstag, 07 Oktober 2017 17:37)

    Good luck on your trip and safe travels. Il enjoy watching your journey, I'm envious of you, especially of the Amazon section.